Sundays, Feb 4 to May 13 (No class on Feb 18, April 1, April 8)

Class Location:
2125 Butterfield Drive, Suite 218
Troy, Michigan 48084

Smart Home and Smart City Series I

Grade: G6-G10
Max Enroll:  6

$180 Tuition + $109  (Raspberry Pi3 and Innovaker Beginner Kit*)
$240 ( mYe provides Kit for student to use in class)

*The kit includes a SD card with written program, plug in ready

Come to learn how to make IOT projects with Raspberry Pi 3 and Innovaker Kits!

In this class, students will use Python programming, Raspberry Pi 3, and Innovaker Starter Kit to learn the basic concepts of electrical circuit, LED & button control, LCD Display and Temperature/Humidity Sensor, Motion Sensor, sensor data collection, and Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). In the later part of the class, students will apply these knowledge to make various of Internet of Things (IOT) projects like: Motion control smart traffic light, Motion Detection LED Light, Laser Counting and Voice Alarm.

Smart Home and Smart City Series classes are designed to foster students’ curiosity and interest to some of the latest technologies in the real world. The students will be encouraged to come up their own Smart Design to improve our daily life.

About  Raspberry Pi :

The Raspberry Pi is a small single-board computer developed by The Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK charity, with the intention of providing low-cost computers and free software to students. It is widely used in creative education and innovation. As of December 2016, over 10 million of units have been sold worldwide.

The Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest version of the Pi and beats version 2 in performance and features. With wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity, it is a great cost effective solution to be used for data collection, control, IoT to make good AI foundation.

Innovaker Starter Kit:

Innovaker Starter Kit is designed and developed by AI specialists for youth STEAM Education. With Innovaker Starter Kit, students can focus on programming skill and sensor process without complex wire connection.
What’s included in the kit:

Item No. of Unit
Innovaker Kits Board 1
Resistors 6
Relay 1
Buzzer 1
Motion sensor 1
Light sensor 2
Button with cap 2
1uf Capacitor 1
DHT11 Temp & Humi Sensor 1 1
Arduino Nano 1
Innovaker box 1
40 Pin cable 1
Jumper wires 10
Bread board 1
Mini Laser Dot 1
Micro USB cable 1

Pre-requirement: Python Programming or any previous programming experience is preferred
Required devices: A laptop with a mouse, Raspberry Pi 3, and Innovaker Starter Kit.


Class Schedule:
12:45 pm –  2:15 pm on Sundays
Feb. 4 – May 13
(No class on Feb 18, April 1, and April 8)

Class Location:
2125 Butterfield Drive
Suite 218
Troy, Michigan 48084


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