2021 Fall - Writing for Elementary Level 1

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Fostering a love of writing can be massively beneficial to your student later in life, and it will help them think out of the box.Writing engages both sides of your brain: the right side is responsible for creativity and the left side is the more analytical and logical side. Both sides are crucial to all writing, but especially creative writing.For elementary students, now is an excellent time to experiment with creative writing because it helps them channel their imaginations into a productive format and learn how to express their thoughts effectively. 

The purpose of this course is to enhance students writing abilities by integrating research-based learning activities that are fun and engaging for students. Lesson’s will be grounded in real-world activated the integrate different writing conventions and grammar points that help students improve their writing and creative thinking skills. It is important to note that while grammar will be apart of the course the emphasis will be on increasing students critical thinking and creative writing skills.



  • Introduction to Class
  • Getting to know each other
  • What is creative writing? What is a Story?
  • The Creative Writing Process
  • Personal Narrative – Three things that I love
3 Personal Narrative – Three things that I love
4 Informational Report – Endangered Animals
5 Informational Report - Endangered Animals
6 Informational Report - Endangered Animals
7 Building a Story – Prewriting
8 Building a Story – Writing
9 Building a Story – Responding
10 Building a Story - Revising
11 Building a Story - Editing
12 Building a Story – Publishing/Sharing

Mr. Patrick McKinnon

Mr. McKinnon has been an educator in the K-12 and Higher Education environment for the last 10 years both domestically in the US and Internationally. Mr McKinnon holds a BA in Communications for Oakland University and a Master of Science degree in Teaching English Language Learners from Syracuse University. Currently, Patrick is an Instructional Designer at Syracuse University where he designs and develops online courses at the University and K-12 levels.


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September 15, 2021 – December 8, 2021


Every Wednesday
07:00 pm EST – 08:30 pm EST


No Class on 11/24




12 Weeks

Price: $240

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