2021 Summer – Fiction Writing for Elementary Students B


Does your child have an imagination that likes to run wild?

Building worlds through writing might be the perfect creative outlet for them!

Fostering a love of writing can be massively beneficial to your student later in life, and it will help them think out of the box. Writing engages both sides of your brain: the right side is responsible for creativity and the left side is the more analytical and logical side. Both sides are crucial to all writing, but especially creative writing.

For elementary students, now is an excellent time to experiment with creative writing because it helps them channel their imaginations into a productive format and learn how to express their thoughts effectively. 

This class will focus on fiction writing: anything from fantasy to science-fiction. We will be discussing character development, immersive world building, and plot structures. 

Each student will create their own universe in which their story takes place and at the conclusion of our class, we will compile our work into a hardcover book that each student will receive a copy of!

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Course Features

  • Grade G3 - G5
  • Max Enroll 6
  • Class Time 9:00 am - 10:30 am EST, 6/28 - 7/28 Mon & Wed (5 weeks, 10 sessions)
  • Class Location Online

Grace will be attending Stanford University in the upcoming year. She has been the Teacher’s Assistant in mYe’s Speech class and Writing class for the past two years. As part of the Midwest Region for the Scholastics Art & Writing Competition, she has received a Gold Key in the Short Story division and a Silver Key in the Critical Essay division, and has been the only one at her school to do so. She has collaborated on multiple self-published magazines in the past. In addition, she has attended the Emerging Writers Institute hosted at Stanford University.