2021 Summer – Fun Weekly 3D Design Challenges with TinkerCad


3D design is a powerful tool to practice Math and Art, encourage creativity and innovation, and promote critical thinking and problem-solving!

By adopting the design thinking process and conducting research, students will complete 5 weekly challenges under teacher’s guidance:

    • Week1: Create your own Avatar
    • Week2: Design a Biome Terrarium
    • Week3: Design a Mars Rover
    • Week4: Design Thinking for Pollution Problems
    • Week5: Recreate a scene from your favorite movie



MARS Rover | TinkercadFuturistic City | Tinkercad


Pre-requirement: This is not a introductory level class. Students are required to have previous experience with TinkerCad.

Course Features

  • Grade G3-G7
  • Max Enroll 8
  • Class Time 9:00 am – 10:30 am EST, 6/28-7/28 Mon & Wed (5 weeks, 10 sessions)
  • Class Location Online

Jeffrey Liu is a rising high school senior. He has been with the MYE foundation as a TA for two and half years and teacher for “Beginning 3D Design” for one and half years. He has also helped teach 3D design and programming at Van Hoosen Middle School. He won 1st place the 2017 MYE Future Mobility Contest middle school division using 3D design.