2021 Summer – Public Speaking for Elementary Students


Public speaking is cited as one of America’s greatest fears.  Strong public speaking abilities are valued as one of the most important characteristics of any successful student or professional.  Developing the ability as a child is one of the best ways to conquer it.  

This public speaking class will focus on understanding different styles of speech and presenting to improve public speaking skills. Students will practice gaining confidence and comfort in speaking in front of others through games, activities, and discussions, as well as presenting information about different topics.


Week  Description
Week 1: Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Introduction
  • “Get to Know You” Activities
  • Two truths and a lie 
  • All About Me Presentation 
  • Tips for Public Speaking 
Week 2: Debate 
  • What is debate?  Discussion 
  • Tips on Speaking with Confidence 
  • Pick and Prepare Debates
    -Topics including: Are Zoos Beneficial to Animals in Any Way? Are aliens real?
Week 3: Impromptu 
  • What is impromptu speaking? 
  • Tips on learning to speak without preparation 
  • Build a Story
    -Students create a story by each student thinking on the spot to create the next part in the story
Week 4: Persuasive Speaking
  • Persuasive Speaking 
  • Tips on how to make speeches convincing 
  • Create an infomercial activity
    -Students are given a product to talk about and convince the “audience” to buy it
Week 5: Informative Speaking 
  • Informative Speaking 
  • Tips on speaking to inform or tell someone about a specific topic
  • Book Review Speech
    -Students give a speech about their favorite books and why they would recommend it to someone
  • Final presentations 

Course Features

  • Grade G3-G5
  • Max Enroll 10
  • Class Time 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST, 6/28 - 7/28 Mon & Wed (5 weeks, 10 sessions)
  • Class Location Online

My name is Ms. Nierman and I will be teaching this public speaking/speech class. I am a 4th grade teacher at a local school and have been a part of the speech community for 13 years. I debated in high school and college and currently coach high school debate, as well as judge forensics. I am always up for learning and trying new things; food, places, and hobbies. I encourage my students to have that same open-minded mentality by being inquisitive learners.