2021 Summer – Writing Like a Pro 103: High School Synthesis Essays


After a long hiatus since Writing Like a Pro 102, which focused more heavily on rhetorical analysis essays, Coach Richard is now unleashing Writing Like a Pro 103! Armed with an all-new curriculum, this course is highly specialized to turn your student into a synthesis-essay-writing expert!

Of course, the natural question to ask is “why would I want to know how to write synthesis essays?”

The answer is simple and clear — as the world pushes on towards a more interdisciplinary direction of expansion, it’s not good enough to simply know what you know. You have to be able to take both what you know AND what other experts know in order to create the most perfect solution possible. Ultimately, what we’re seeking is the elevation of both writing and thinking to include as many factors as possible.

Key focus areas:

  1. Format of a synthesis essay (For AP Exams)
  2. How to research + do citations
  3. Using research to make arguments


Now, synthesis essays are difficult to pull off, but you can be sure that Coach Richard will walk your student through the process from start to finish. After this course, your child will feel confident solving the problems that will face him/her in the real world — with synthesis.

Course Features

  • Grade G8 - G11
  • Max Enroll 6
  • Class Time 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EST, 6/28 - 7/28 Mon & Wed (5 weeks, 10 sessions)
  • Class Location Online

Richard is currently on a gap year before he enters college at Olin College of Engineering in 2021. He has been teaching at mYe for two years. He has scored 24/24 on his SAT essay, 11/12 on his ACT essay, and a 5 on AP English. With his skills, he wrote the business packages for various mYe events, won first prize in the 2019 International Youth Arts and Technology Competition’s Creative Writing Sector, and has been lauded as a National Merit Finalist.