2021 Winter – Business Entrepreneurship Excellence (BEE)


2021 Winter mYe BEE Class VII – AGAINST THE ODDS 

For this upcoming Winter 2021, mYe BEE’s team have been facing months of lockdown and conversion into this new virtual paradigm.  Starting from mYE BEE Session VI, we have converted into a complete virtual business coaching platform.

This global status quo to our community, and business has impacted small and start-up entrepreneurs disproportionately.  This pandemic has not been kind.  But in chaos comes opportunity.  Join us and invest in your business entrepreneurial preparation.

Building from the previous BEE foundation, mYe BEE Session VII will focus on the following:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Identify value added skills that can be monetized to products and services
  • Identify the new nomadic virtual jobs
  • Kahoot Challenges – Aligning street smart business education
  • Video product and service messaging/creation
  • Business Cost Model Development
  • BEE $100 Challenge
All registered students will need to go through a recorded ZOOM interview, prior to class registration confirmation. Please have your resume ready and come with your entrepreneurial passion to invest in yourself and your future wealth!

mYe BEE Quick Highlight:

  • 2018 Winter mYe BEE Class I – Product Development – Konjac Sponge Launch
  • 2018 Fall mYe BEE Class II – Sales Pipeline Strategy – Amazon Launch
  • 2019 Spring mYe BEE Class III – Product Portfolio Expansion – XOOX V
  • 2019 Fall mYe BEE Class IV – Business Plan Canvas of Troop V Program
  • 2020 Spring mYe BEE Class V – expand the Sales Channels and Troop V package execution.
  • 2020 Fall mYe BEE Class VI – BEE Survivor Challenge.

Course Features

  • Grade G8 - G12
  • Max Enroll 12
  • Class Time 2:30pm – 4:00pm EST, Sundays (1/31 - 5/9, no class on 2/14, 3/28, 4/4)
  • Class Location Online
$240/12 Classes
As president and CEO of extreme V, Inc, John Wu is a seasoned global business veteran, with a mission to change and improve people’s quality of health – Feel Better…Live better. For more than a decade under the extreme V brand, John has launched over 30 product programs shipping to over 100 countries worldwide thru Amazon, extremeV.com, and distribution partners. John was instilled with the spirit of entrepreneurship and made his first dollar when he was 10 years old. Before he formed his own company, John was VP of Operations for a joint venture company under EDS, where he managed 180+ consulting companies and 860 indirect material suppliers. John has a Master Degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, minoring in math.