2021 Fall - Middle School Writing (B)

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Writing an essay can be challenging! But, with proper preparation, it can be a breeze! This course will teach the components of an essay, proper essay structure, and outline/organization techniques while incorporating grammar lessons. 

Public speaking is an important 21st century skill! This course will have a presentation and public speaking component. 

The end product of this course is a narrative essay, which will mostly be written during class, and virtually presented. 

Major Skills

  • Grammar lessons
  • Essay components
  • Essay structure
  • Outlining and organization
  • Narrative writing
  • Public speaking and presentation skills

Yong Zeng

Grace will be attending Stanford University in the upcoming year. She has been the Teacher’s Assistant in mYe’s Speech class and Writing class for the past two years. As part of the Midwest Region for the Scholastics Art and Writing Competition, she has received a Gold Key in the Short Story division and a Silver Key in the Critical Essay division, and has been the only one at her school to do so. She has collaborated on multiple self-published magazines in the past. In addition, she has attended the Emerging Writers Institute hosted at Stanford University.

Grace Cai

Mrs. Leslie Fourman

Hello there! My name is Leslie Fourman and I am excited to be here with you! I have been teaching English/Language Arts for the past 14 years. I have taught both middle and high school English online and face-to-face. I was also an Assistant Editor for a newspaper for 3 years and just completed a Technical Writing Certification course.


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September 19, 2021 – December 12, 2021


Every Sunday
02:30 pm EST – 04:00 pm EST


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12 Weeks