2022 Winter - Animation Presentation and Hollywood Special Effect

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Animation combines creativity and math to create a compelling visual story.

The process of animating requires a working understanding of arithmetics such as fractions, decimals, and times. Students will be encouraged to use problem-solving skills to work through problems and create compelling work. 

Learning to animate on industry-leading software Adobe After Effects, students will create an animated explainer video on a topic of their choice as well as learn to utilize a Hollywood style special effect

This class will give students a foundation in Adobe After Effects and prepare them to learn more in Advanced MYE courses and on their own. 

Upon completion of the class, your student should be able to create animated videos for their school assignments and presentations.

 (Adobe After Effects/Adobe Creative Cloud is required for this class)

Steven Bregier

My name is Steven, I really enjoy helping students learn and expand their creativity. I graduated from the College for Creative Studies in downtown Detroit where I studied Advertising Design with a focus on video production. I'm an art director working at an advertising agency in New York City working for brands of all sizes from GE to Zapp’s Chips. In my free time, I’m almost always creating. All I ask of my students is that they always try their hardest and come looking to learn something new. Creativity is a never ending journey and we're all here to get better.


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January 30, 2022 – May 8, 2022


Every Sunday
12:45 pm EST – 02:15 pm EST


No Class on 2/20, 3/27, and 4/17




12 week