2022 Winter - Intro to Personal Finance & Investing

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Intro to Personal Finance & Investing

“What’s the best way to manage my spending?”

“How do I use a credit card?”

“How do I invest my money?”

All too often, schools fail to teach students the financial skills that are necessary for adult

life. This class aims to teach students the foundations of personal finance and its

important real-world applications. Furthermore, students will be introduced to important

concepts in investing and be able to try making their own investment decisions through

an investment simulation game. Students will come out of the class with a better grasp on

financial decision-making, building wealth, and pressing socioeconomic issues.


Unit 1: Personal Finance at a Glance (Weeks 1–4)

● Financial Literacy

● The Banking System

● Time Value of Money

● Loans & Credit

Unit 2: World of Finance & Investing (Weeks 5–8)

● Stocks & the Stock Market

● Banking & Financial Technology (Fintech)

● Wall Street

● Variety of Investments

Unit 3: Investment Strategy (Weeks 9–12)

● Long & Short Positions

● Value vs. Growth Investing

● Long-term Investment Simulation

Ryan Wang (Finance)

Ryan Wang is a high school senior at Greenhills School. He is immensely interested in economics and finance and has been studying the fields since 8th grade. Ryan’s studies have allowed him to co-found the Economic Club at his school (where he led teams to excel in economic and finance competitions at the national level), conduct and publish econometric & financial research, and start Mezo Inc.—a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching financial and economic literacy. His work in the organization has given him over three years worth of experience in teaching and working with students in his fields of interest.


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January 30, 2022 – May 8, 2022


Every Sunday
09:30 am EST – 10:30 am EST


No class on 2/20, 3/27, and 4/17




12 Weeks