2022 Summer - How to write quality college app essays

    If your kid is approaching 10th or 11th grade, it’s time for them to begin thinking about college applications. Among the many scary parts of college apps is the essay. 

    The common app’s essays are incredibly important to a good application. Statistics and achievements look nice, but honestly, at top colleges, almost everybody applies with those. What will differentiate the best of the best is going to be this essay (as well as college-specific supplemental essays). As a result, it must be stressed that learning how to write a good college app essay is as important, if not more so, than tacking on another gold medal to your resume. Colleges want to see a personality and a voice.

    Additionally, this essay is particularly challenging because the kind of essay the common app requires (narrative essays) is simply not taught in most high school curriculums. We’ll lay the groundwork from square 0 and help your student identify how to tell effective stories.

   Taking this course to bolster their abilities to write narrative essays (essays that are not taught enough in school) would be incredibly beneficial to their well-being as an applicant to a top university.

Key Learning Points:

  • Creating narrative essays that introduce keys aspects of who you are

  • Deciding what language to use for college applications

  • How supplemental/personal essays differ

  • How to use word constraints creatively

  [note:your student is not guaranteed to leave this course with an application-ready essay. This class is meant to lay a foundation as to what a good college app essay should achieve. Your student will for sure learn more during the time span between when we work together and when he/she applies to college, so I heavily suggest against submitting any essay written in this class]


Richard is currently on a gap year before he enters college in 2021. He has been teaching at mYe for two years. He has scored 24/24 on his SAT essay, 11/12 on his ACT essay, and a 5 on 11AP English. With his skills, he wrote the business packages for various mYe events, won first prize in the 2019 International Youth Arts and Technology Competition and has been lauded as a National Merit Finalist.


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