2022 Summer - Music Production with Garageband


Don’t just play music, compose it!

Composition is about curiosity, creativity and ingenuity. 

This class will inspire interest in music creation through exposure to and guided exploration of a common digital audio workstation (GarageBand), combined with an introduction to basic concepts in music theory and production. 

As the semester progresses, classes will shift focus toward students developing full songs of their own. Gradually, more time will be spent composing than discussion or specific exercises. The last few classes of the semester will be fully dedicated to student composition and production, where they will create their final pieces of music on the course. These pieces will be combined into a class album, which will then be put up on Soundcloud.

Course Schedule:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Loops)

Lesson 2: Breaking apart a song and reflecting it onto our own songs

Lesson 3: Melody Drums Bass

Lesson 4: How to add effects

Lesson 5: Getting complex with Note editor (Adding, shortening)

Lesson 6: Adding measures, changing tempo, adding dynamics into our songs using velocity

Lesson 7: How to use sampling to add originality to our songs

Lesson 8: Sharing Final Projects and uploading to SoundCloud

Students’ work samples:


Harold Wu

Harold Wu is a rising high school senior. He's been playing piano for over 10 years and has been studying piano with Prof. Logan Skelton, Director of Doctoral Studies in Piano Performance at the University of Michigan, since 9 year old. His digital composition “Exploration“ won 1st place in the 2019 International Youth Art and Technology Competition. In summer 2020, he completed a 6-credit course “Mixing and Mastering for the Electronic Musician” & “Producing Music with Logic” at Berklee College of Music. In summer 2021, he got accepted into the Music Technology Pre-college program at the Carnegie Mellon University.


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June 28, 2022 – July 21, 2022


Every Tuesday, Thursday
07:00 pm EST – 08:30 pm EST





8 Classes, 4 Weeks

Price: $160

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