2022 Summer - Fun Weekly 3D Design Challenges with TinkerCad

3D design is a powerful tool to practice Math and Art, encourage creativity and innovation, and promote critical thinking and problem-solving! By adopting the design thinking process and conducting research, students will complete 5 weekly challenges under teacher's guidance:

    • Week1: Create your own Avatar
    • Week2: Design a Mars Rover
    • Week3: Design Thinking for Pollution Problems
    • Week4: Recreate a scene from your favorite movie

Image MARS Rover | TinkercadFuturistic City | Tinkercad Pre-requirement: 

This is not an introductory level class. Students are required to have previous experience with TinkerCad.

Andrew Wang

Andrew Wang is a senior attending Novi High school. He has been teaching 3D printing course at mYe for over two years. Currently, he is the president of the world-renowned Novi High School Robotics team, which is one-time world champion and finalist of the world championship for the past 9 consecutive years. Andrew is the Lead CAD instructor for multiple initiatives, including as the lead of his local e-NABLE initiative. e-NABLE operates as a global organization with the goal of 3D printing and distributing prosthetic arms all across the globe. Andrew is the winner the 2018 Maker Student Contest hosted by the Micro Center and also won mYe’s Inspiration Awards for two consecutive years.


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June 27, 2022 – July 20, 2022


Every Monday, Wednesday
07:00 pm EST – 08:30 pm EST


Class on July 4 will be moved to July 8




8 Classes, 4 Weeks

Price: $160

Course Closed for Registration