2022 Summer - Nonfiction Writing Class for Elementary

Course Description:

Writing is not only a tool for exercising the imagination, but it is also a pivotal element of spreading knowledge and perspectives. This course introduces students to the world of nonfiction — the genre most prevalent to the real world. 

As students develop their voices and discover how they can make an impact, nonfiction writing arises as a key tool. Whether your child becomes a scientist making groundbreaking discoveries, or an entrepreneur persuading their future colleagues at a business meeting, they will need the research skills, literary clarity, and organized thought structure to do so. Such elements are the basis of nonfiction writing, which we will heavily exercise in this class. 

Overall, nurturing abilities in writing is particularly pivotal to elementary students. Elementary children have great capacities for language and literature that need to be exercised to effectively express their thoughts. Our class will teach your child to build these skill sets through the professional and sophisticated aura of the nonfiction world. 

Throughout this course, students will learn to investigate the techniques of the research world, articulate their thought processes via persuasive literature, and explore topics of interest through biographies and more. At the end of the class, they will receive an online book, designed by themselves and created through Canva, containing all the work they’ve completed in this class! 


Grammar lessons, literary devices, and writing techniques will be integrated throughout the lessons.

Unit 1: Informational Writing (Lesson 1-2)

Unit 2: Persuasive Writing (Lesson 3-4)

Unit 3: Biographies and Autobiographies (Lesson 5-6)

Unit 4: Reviewing, Editing, and Sharing (Lesson 7-8)

Jessica Schreck

Jessica Zhang is an incoming freshman at the University of Michigan. Over the last three years, she’s been an English and mathematics teacher at the Kumon Institute of Education, and she has private tutoring experience in spelling, grammar, writing, and reading. As a past editor-in-chief and author of mYeBEAT.com, Jessica has also been heavily involved in blog writing on an abundance of topics. Her expertise in education and interest in literature make her a passionate teacher ready to introduce students to a world of writing!


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June 27, 2022 – July 8, 2022


Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
05:00 pm EST – 06:30 pm EST


No class on June July 1 or July 4




8 Classes, 2 Weeks

Price: $160

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