2023 Winter - Learning Chess The Fun Way - Tactics Bootcamp


The “Tactics Bootcamp“ class is part of a series of free courses designed by three of

our wonderful young teachers to improve beginners’ tactical skills and sharpen their

chess vision.

This class includes 7-week lessons for beginner and intermediate players. Throughout

the classes, students will explore the various themes of chess tactics and creative

patterns. Students will also enhance their understanding with puzzles and practice.

Come join us and have fun!

Class time: 60 minutes

Week 1

● Introduction

● The importance of tactics

● Hanging Pieces

Week 2

● Pins

● Forks/Double Attack

Week 3

● Discovered Attack

● Removing the Defender

Week 4

● Checkmate Patterns

a. Back Rank

b. Smothered Mate

c. Queen + Helper

Week 5

● Tactics in History Part 1

Week 6

● Tactics in History Part 2

Week 7

● Tactics in History Part 3

Prerequisites: Need to understand the fundamentals of chess, including basic rules and tactics.

Leyou Jiang

Hello Chess fans! My name is Leyou. I am top 10 in Michigan (age 15), and top 53 in Michigan overall. I represented the Boulan Park middle school chess team and won 1st place in the Michigan K-9 Junior High Team Championships 2020. I won 1st place in the Class A section of the Annual Western Class 2021, and 1st place in U2000 of the Mid-America Open 2021. I am also one of the four finalists of the Michigan High school Chess Championships 2021.

Ryan Wang

Hi everyone! My name is Ryan. I am 1st for age 13 in Michigan, 44th in Michigan overall, and 77th for age 13 in the U.S. My recent accomplishments include: beating two FIDE Masters, winning the 2020 Michigan K-9 Junior High Team Championships for Boulan Park middle school with my teammates, and propelling Michigan to a second-place finish in the Online National States Cup.

Yule Xie

Yule Xie - Hey chess friends! My name is Yule. In Michigan, I am top five for age 14 and top 47 overall. In 2019, I won the Great Lakes Open U1800 section. Recently, my school team got 3rd place in the 2020 Michigan K-9 Junior High Team Championship. I was the first chair for my team, and I won all my games as an individual in both 2019 and 2020 in the same tournament. I am also one of the four finalists of the Michigan High school Chess Championships 2021.


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February 8, 2023 – April 5, 2023


Every Wednesday
06:30 pm EST – 07:30 pm EST


No class on 2/22 & 3/29. Register two or more classes and receive $10 off each class.




7 Weeks