2020 Fall – Python Programming Level 2


The “Python Programming Level 2” builds on the principles from the “Python Programming Level 1” course. Students will continue to learn how to create games and solve real-life problems, but at a more advanced level and with more independence.

Learning objectives:

  • Create and follow Flowcharts for organizing code structure,
  • Apply and use algorithms to solve problems,
  • Use advanced libraries like Tkinter and Pygame, 
  • Read and write to external files, like data in Excel spreadsheets.


In particular, these skills will be applied to the creation of games using the Tkinter and Pygame libraries. Pygame is specifically adapted for making video games in Python, and is also portable, meaning you can run it on many operating systems. Similarly, Tkinter is used for designing graphical user interfaces such as displays and menus. Both libraries are open source and as a result have been downloaded millions of times.

Course Features

  • Grade G7-G10
  • Max Enroll 8
  • Class Time 12:45 pm – 2:15 pm, Sundays (9/20 - 12/13, no class on 11/29)
  • Class Location Online
$240 tuition
"Ahron is a Master's student studying Biomedical engineering at Lawrence Technological University. He's researched worms in Israel, taught as an Au-Pair in China, and coached Ninja Warrior. His main project, using Python, involves 3D scanning small things with motorized microscopes."