Michigan Youth Empowerment Foundation (mYe) is a 501(c3) nonprofit foundation dedicated to empowering students K-12 with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in the 21st century. mYe’s programs are designed to foster students’ interests in STEAM, leadership, and entrepreneurship, helping to bridge the gap between the academics and real-world technological applications.

Our Vision

To provide students exposure to technological trend and promote community contribution to help them prosper and become contributing members of world society.

Our Core Programs:

  • Youth Technology Innovation: STEAM Classes.
  • Community Contribution
  • Early Career Exploration

Since our launch in 2016, mYe has…

  • provided classes to 2000+ students in entrepreneurship, finance, coding, 3D Design, robotics, music production, video editing, graphic design, AP preparation, writing, public speaking, and more!
  • offered free Community Technology Classes at Detroit Public Library.
  • launched the Metro Detroit Youth Fair in 2019 to encourage youths to pursue further exploration in the mantles of innovation and entrepreneurship to become the leaders of tomorrow. 
  • organized 2-week Global Service Trips to China to teach STEM at underprivileged villages in 2018 and 2019.
  • hosted  “Close to the masters” seminars to connect K-12 students to the leaders in different industries.
  • awarded $3000 worth of scholarships to 6 high school seniors in 2019 and 2020.
  • trained students on performing Violin during the Piston Half-Time in front of a crowd of thousands in Feb 2020!
  • sponsored 24 students participated in the “Breath Body Mind for Youth” teacher training provided by the BBM Foundation. All of the students received youth teacher certifications and will help other youths in the community.
  • mentored 24 students participated in the 2020 MakeX Spark online competition over two age groups and 18 of them won prizes in different categories.Out of these awards, we even had one student receive the Young All-Rounder title. This title is awarded to the top 5 students in the entire competition. As a result of our success, mYe was also awarded one of the 5 Excellent Organization Awards.
  • was awarded Sensata Foundation Grants for 2020 and 2021 due to “high level of impact, demonstrable track record of success, and focus on STEM education”

mYe’s achievements in year 2020