2020 Season Summary

The first ever MakeX Spark Online Competition was an incredible experience and success for Michigan Youth Empowerment and our students. 24 mYe students participated in this competition over two age groups and 18 of them won prizes in different categories. We would like to congratulate the following students (in no particular order):

  • Harrison Wu – Project Name: Plantern
  • Rachel Liu – Project Name: Voice Controlled Night Light
  • Isabella Liu – Project Name: iCar Light
  • Phineas Moy – Project Name: Screen Time Light Timer
  • Aaron Zhao – Project Name: COVID19 Care Mate
  • David Zhao – Project Name: Manners Medal
  • Mason Wang – Project Name: The Ultra Messenger
  • Eric Zeng – Project Name: Multi-Function Bike Light
  • Victor Li – Project Name: Smart Streetlights
  • Andrew Zeng – Project Name: Smart Greenhouse
  • Hannah Wang – Project Name: Angel Book Light
  • Kyle Wu – Project Name: Smart Street Lights
  • Jason Yuan – Project Name: LazyCat
  • Ian Zhang – Project Name: Pokelights
  • Sophia Shvartsman – Project Name: Disco Ball
  • Josiah Luo – Project Name: Street Light
  • Joseph Reeves – Project Name: The Door Light
  • Jerry Wang – Project Name: Volume Controlled Light

Out of these awards, we even had one student receive the Young All-Rounder, Harrison Wu. The Young All-Rounder is awarded to the top 5 students in the entire competition. Harrison qualified for the MakeX World Championship!

Apart from 18 individual awards, two of our technical mentors received excellent mentor awards. mYe was also awarded one of the 5 Excellent Organization Awards.

We are so proud of every single one of our students who participated in MakeX Spark, especially during such a difficult time. Competition is not just about winning, but a learning process to bring the best out of ourselves. Through MakeX Spark, our participants enhanced their creativity, coding skills, presentation skills, drawing and persistency.

We would like to thank all of our mentors for putting in their time and effort to support our students during the 9 week mentorship period. Our students would not have been able to excel in this competition without their weekly guidance and advice.

Last but not least, we would like to thank MakeX for bringing such a fun learning experience to our students. We’re honored to be their partner for organizing the MakeX Competitions in the Michigan region.

We enjoyed working with all of you throughout this season and look forward to seeing you again in MakeX Spark 2021!


Angela Xu
mYe MakeX Spark Team Lead

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mYe MakeX Team

Team Lead: Angela Xu
Head Coach: Harrison Lavins
Technical Mentors:
Addison Zhang
Angela Xu
Anwesha Pathak
David Reeves
Eric Li
Ethan Chen
Harrison Lavins
Jonathan Chen
Kevin Shi

Poster Design Mentors:
Grace Yang
Jasmine Wu
Jessica Zhang

Jessica Zhang, IA (Lead)
Ann Zhang
Jessica Zhang (AHS)
Tianze Li

Contact Us

For questions, please email us at makex@myefound.org.

SMART LIGHTS--Excellent Organization Award--Michigan Youth Empowerment Foundation----2020.10.30-----1
SMART LIGHTS--Excellent Mentor Award--Grace Cai----2020.10.30-----1
SMART LIGHTS--Excellent Mentor Award--Harrison Lavins----2020.10.30-----1


MakeX Spark is a creative design competition program that allows students aged 6 to 13 to engage in product design based on the following criteria: electronic technology, programming, design, innovative thinking, and communication skills. Participants will have the opportunity to get involved in hands-on practice and showcase their projects in all areas of STEM.

Please click here to visit MakeX official website.


mBlock 5, based on Scratch 3.0, is specially designed to support STEAM education. By supporting block-based and text-based programming, mBlock 5 allows users to freely create games and animations, and to program Makeblock robots and HaloCode. Moreover, the software features cutting-edge technologies like AI and IoT, making it the perfect helper for coding educators and learners.

Click here to download.


Makeblock Halocode is a single board computer with built-in Wi-Fi. Designed for programming education, its compact design integrates a broad selection of electronic modules. Pairing with block-based programming software mBlock, Halocode offers all sorts of opportunities to experience AI & IoT application with just a few clicks; it makes creation easy and fun.

Click here to purchase from Amazon. You can also request financial assistant from mYe in the registration form.