Meet Our Team

2020-2021 mYe Executive Committee Members:

Grace Cai
Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Charlee Liu
Deputy Executive Director

Yong Zeng
Director, Class Administration

Helen Hong
Director, Youth Leadership Committee

Shuangshuang Lu
Director, Finance

Allen Tao
Director, Information Technology

Angela Guo
Co-Director, Event Planning

Vivian Dai
Co-Director, Event Planning

Wanxin Gao
Director, Volunteers & PVSA

2020-2021 mYe Board Members:

Prof. Weisong Shi
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
College of Engineering
Wayne State University

Prof. Lunjin Lu
Department Chair
Computer Science and Engineering
Oakland University

Peter Schreck
Senior Counsel
Rock Central

John Wu
President & CEO

Hong Yang
Senior Director
Dana Incorporated

Joe Miao
Vice President
Cast’Al North America, Inc