MakeX Youth Mentors Recruitment

mYe had a HUGE success participating in the MakeX Spark Competition in 2020. Please click here to see our accomplishments. 

“MakeX Spark is a creative design competition program that allows students aged 6 to 13 to engage in product design based on the following criteria: electronic technology, programming, design, innovative thinking, and communication skills.
Participants will have the opportunity to get involved in hands-on practice and showcase their projects in all areas of STEM.”

To prepare for the 2021 season, mYe is recruiting mentors to help our teams succeed. We’re looking for high school or college students that have experience in robotics and programming. All mentors will receive the official Mentor Certification from MakeX and potentially win a MakeX Mentor Award. So if that pertains to you, please send us an application! Apply here

Start Time

8:18 am

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Finish Time

11:59 pm

Friday, June 25, 2021